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Regional Housing Program

The Bay Area faces a housing affordability problem dating back decades that is both acute and chronic whose solutions lie in expanding housing supply—particularly more affordable housing—and preserving existing housing. To those ends, ABAG works with local governments, stakeholders from throughout the region, and state and federal policymakers to expand housing choices and increase housing affordability. ABAG facilitates dialogue and information sharing in order to enable coordinated action and provides data about housing planning, production, and market trends to inform these discussions. To learn more about the Bay Area's latest trends in housing production and ABAG's actions we invite you to explore the State of the Region 2015 and People, Places, and Prosperity.

ABAG's housing program is guided by four main objectives:

  1. Build more housing, particularly in PDAs
  2. Increase affordable housing options
  3. Preserve affordable housing to maintain neighborhood economic diversity and stability
  4. Reduce housing and community vulnerability to natural disasters

ABAG provides insights into housing trends in the Bay Area and the work that local governments are doing to plan for meeting the region's housing needs. Below are four of ABAG's most commonly equested datasets: