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Regional Housing Program

As anyone in the Bay Area knows, the region is facing a housing affordability crisis. Although the region’s housing challenges are particularly acute at this time, the problems are the result of policies and decisions that have occurred over the last several decades. There has been a lot of discussion among policy makers, business leaders, community-based organizations, and members of the public about how to solve the crisis, and it has become clear that there is no simple solution.

There is now a broad consensus that ensuring that the Bay Area will be able to meet its current and future housing needs will require strategic, coordinated actions to produce new homes, preserve affordability, and protect residents against economic displacement.

ABAG is working with regional and state agencies, legislators, housing and business advocacy organizations, and others to identify and promote policy changes and new funding sources dedicated to providing local jurisdictions with the flexibility and resources needed to meet the housing needs in each community.

The program’s primary focus areas are to increase the funding for affordable housing, remove barriers to housing production, promote the preservation of affordable housing as a tool to prevent displacement, and facilitate the collection and sharing of information—especially among jurisdictions working to implement housing policies with positive regional and local effects.

Staff advances ABAG’s housing agenda through three primary modes of activity:

  • Convening & Collaborating: developing and maintaining institutional connections with local governments and other partners to build in-depth understanding of local perspectives, opportunities, and constraints in order to facilitate implementation of housing policies and strategies to meet the Bay Area’s housing needs.
  • Impact Information: providing local governments and other stakeholders with housing and economic information to increase understanding of housing issues, trends, and policy responses as a way to inform policy development, implementation, and evaluation. We also convene peer cohorts for best-practice implementation, and provide specific technical tools and assistance to support their efforts to make and implement solid policy decisions.
  • Policy Development & Advocacy: pursuing changes at the state, regional, and local levels that support local jurisdictions’ efforts to address the region’s housing challenges. In particular, we facilitate cooperation among jurisdictions and support innovative strategies to spur housing production, expand affordable housing choices, and maximize funding for affordable housing.