PDA - Priority Development Areas

PDA - Priority Development Areas

PDA - Priority Development Areas

ABAG works with local governments to improve the quality of life for all residents. One core strategy is focused growth in communities along existing transportation networks near homes and jobs.

This strategy aims to minimize development in our green fields and maximize growth in transit-rich communities, which will help lower vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gases.

These Priority Development Areas, or PDAs, leverage existing infrastructure to minimize development impacts on communities. A local city council or board of supervisors nominates a PDA, which is then adopted by the ABAG Executive Board.

PDAs must be:

  • Within an existing community
  • Within a half-mile of frequent transit
  • In an area planned for future housing and job growth

Local jurisdictions have defined nearly 200 PDAs since 2008. These existing neighborhoods are served by public transit and have been identified as appropriate for additional, compact development.

PDAs are a big part of the strategies and performance of Plan Bay Area 2040; ABAG and MTC’s long-range land use and transportation plan for our region. 

Plan Bay Area 2050: Exploring Challenging Questions

ABAG and MTC are beginning work on Plan Bay Area 2050 to provide a roadmap for accommodating growth in our region over the next three decades. And we have already begun to explore pressing issues and possible challenges we may face with Horizon, our new initiative.

Visit the Plan Bay Area website: Get more details on PDAs, Horizon, and what’s in store for Plan Bay Area 2050.