Hazard Viewer

Map showing flood hazards
Credit: ABAG, BCDC

Hazard Viewer

The Hazard Viewer is a one-of-its-kind interactive map of regional hazards, featuring the best available mapping resources and data for each hazard.

Data Sets & GIS/QGIS Analysis

For more granular visualization and analysis, including the preparation of risk reports or custom maps, all layers of the Hazard Viewer are built on data sets that can be downloaded from the Hazard Viewer’s “About” description for each section, or from the Hazard Viewer Open Data Page for use on a GIS-based application.


The information provided in the Hazard Viewer is intended for planning use only and is not intended to be site-specific. Rather, it depicts general risks within the neighborhoods and the relative risks from community to community. Hazard levels are less likely to be accurate if your neighborhood is on or near the border between zones. The information in this map application is not a substitute for a site-specific investigation by a licensed professional. ABAG/Metropolitan Transportation Commission does not warrant the accuracy of the information and disclaims any liability resulting from the use of it.