Regional Housing Technical Assistance


Regional Housing Technical Assistance

ABAG Helps Cities, Counties Meet New State Housing Mandates

After enacting ambitious new laws directing cities and counties to step up housing approvals, the California Legislature and Governor included new funding in the FY 2019–20 State Budget to help local governments update their housing policies. Seizing this opportunity, and using a one-time, $24 million state Regional Early Action Planning grant from the state’s Housing and Community Development (HCD) department, ABAG in late 2020 launched its Regional Housing Technical Assistance (RHTA) program, which includes some $11 million in direct assistance to local governments. RHTA serves as a bridge between HCD and local governments responsible for land use policies. The RHTA program already is strengthening relationships between state regulators, the region and ABAG’s 109 local jurisdictions, while advancing an integrated, comprehensive approach to solving the Bay Area’s critical housing shortage.

Program Details

The program’s goal is to assist local jurisdictions in adopting and implementing compliant Housing Elements, ensuring that Bay Area jurisdictions remain competitive for various state funding programs to increase housing opportunities. More information can be found in:

For details on the impact of not meeting state requirements, see Consequences for Noncompliance with State Housing Law.

Staff Contact

Heather Peters

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Get Trained

ABAG has completed more than 15 training webinars to equip local planners with knowledge, tools and resources to update housing elements to meet the new state requirements. More webinars are planned. You can view recordings of past sessions and register for new ones on the RHTA Training page.

Get Tools and Resources

Visit the Data Tools & HESS page to find the HESS tool and other regional data tools to help you increase housing opportunities in your community.

Get Tailored Assistance

Recognizing that a top-down approach to the historically local issue of housing will be counterproductive, ABAG granted nearly $5 million in RHTA funding to Bay Area counties to support Planning Collaboratives, Peer Cohorts and Work Groups to spark a culture of innovation via peer-to-peer learning, sharing of best practices and lessons learned. More information can be found on the Planning Collaboratives and Work Groups web pages.

Work Groups and Collaborative Events

  • Making Middle Housing Work Group began on August 26, 2021
  • Contact David Driskell, project consultant for more information
  • Wildfires – How to Preserve & Protect Housing Work Group begins late September
  • Contact Cathy Capriola, project consultant, for more information
  • County Planning Collaboratives meet regularly.  To get more information, contact the coordinators.  

External Events

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Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance (TA) Portal has a variety of resources for local agency staff.
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