San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

The people who live in the Bay Area, love the Bay Area.

That’s why voters overwhelmingly approved Measure AA in 2016; the first regional parcel tax measure in California’s history to help restore, enhance and protect our wetlands.

In 2008, the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority was created by the California Legislature to find solutions for new funding. The authority subsequently placed Measure AA on the ballot and it was passed with a 70% majority vote… a major indicator of community approval.

The Restoration Authority is staffed by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, a program of ABAG, and the State Coastal Conservancy. ABAG also appoints its governing board which funds projects that include habitat restoration, flood protection, shoreline access and recreational amenities.

An advisory committee―which represents the interest of the community―assists the governing board, and an independent oversight committee provides an unbiased annual analysis on the authority’s work.

Visit the Restoration Authority Website: Find maps of year-one projects, and get a future project list. Find out about grants, attend a meeting or get specific information.

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