PCA - Priority Conservation Areas

PCA - Priority Conservation Areas

PCA - Priority Conservation Areas

There is no question that we all want parks and green spaces, and ABAG and MTC have created an opportunity to address this goal across the Bay Area.

Priority Conservation Areas, or PCAs, are regionally significant open spaces which have broad agreement for long-term protection. These are lands that are being pressured by urban development and other factors, and they are supported through local government consensus.

Over 165 PCAs have been adopted by the ABAG Executive Board. Projects located within these areas are eligible for funding through the One Bay Area Grants, or OBAG, program.

PCAs are categorized by four designations that recognize the vitality of the Bay Area’s natural systems, rural economy and the health of all residents:

  • Natural Landscapes
  • Agricultural Lands
  • Urban Greening
  • Regional Recreation

The next opportunity to nominate new PCAs will be during the Plan Bay Area 2050 planning process.

For questions about PCAs, please email:

Laura Thompson
Assistant Planning Director, Bike-Pedestrian-Environment

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