What We Do

Multi-family dwellings near Diridon Station in San Jose

What We Do

ABAG helps local governments absorb growth and adapt to change while addressing sustainability, resilience and equity issues.

Our services to members include research and analysis, education and outreach, and regional coalition coordination. ABAG’s expert data and tool resources and robust planning department — building solutions on a wide range of issues — help every community around the Bay adapt to change.

The public is invited to all ABAG meetings and has access to the same tools and research, with a focus on:

  • Land use
  • Housing
  • Environmental protection
  • Water resource protection
  • Disaster resilience
  • Energy efficiency

Our collaborative partnerships include local governments, Bay Area leaders and community stakeholders throughout our region.

How does the Bay Area want to grow? Adapt to change? Preserve the Bay Area’s unique qualities? Answering these questions can help us develop successful initiatives that fully utilizes ABAG’s regional planning objectives and resources.

ABAG Budget and Work Program

The ABAG approved Budget and Work Program 2023-2024 outlines the projects and programs that the agency will conduct in 2022 and 2023 and the budget for those activities.  This document was approved by General Assembly on June 20, 2023.  Review the previous fiscal year's Budget and Work Program 2022-2023.

Since ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) consolidated staff in 2017, additional information about ABAG staffing is now incorporated into the MTC Budget.

Our Work

Review Our Work: Housing, Land Use, Energy Infrastructure and Finance Authority.  ABAG helps facilitate quite a few major projects around the Bay to protect our natural environments - both on and off the water. 

ABAG Bylaws

The ABAG Bylaws govern how the organization operates.