BASIS — Bay Area Spatial Information System

BASIS - Bay Area Spatial Information System

BASIS — Bay Area Spatial Information System

The Bay Area Spatial Information System, or BASIS, is a new open-data initiative operated by ABAG and MTC to offer key regional datasets for the public to download — or access via API for analysis and modeling.

Visit BASIS to review and download data for regional forecasts and long-range planning decisions.

Many of our key regional datasets are sourced from local jurisdictions and include data such as land use, zoning, residential planning and a host of related datasets that describe the development pipeline activity for the Bay Area… all of which are directly related to Plan Bay Area.

Plan Bay Area 2050

Plan Bay Area 2050 is the Bay Area's long-range plan for housing, the economy, transportation and the environment. It outlines how the Bay Area can adapt to future growth over the next three decades.