Resilience Open Data Portal

Resilience Open Data Portal

Resilience Open Data Portal

Local governments can perform community vulnerability analyses to inform resilience planning efforts and policy solutions in our open data portal. This portal contains 40+ hazard map layers and a growing list of tabular data sets for the nine county Bay Area region.

Get data on natural hazards and the assets we’re trying to protect.

  • Natural Hazards: Bay Area communities are exposed to earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, drought and extreme heat.
  • Assets: Risk assessment requires both an understanding of the hazards as well as the assets we’re trying to protect.

Some of the data is collected and generated by ABAG; however, most of the data is generated by other agencies and curated here. In some instances the data sets are unchanged from their original source, in other cases, ABAG has translated the data for use by cities and counties.

Visit the Open Data Portal. 


The ABAG Resilience Program is a unique effort to continually improve the Bay Area’s capacity to plan for — and recover — from earthquakes, floods and fires.