Planning Collaboratives

Planning Collaboratives

Planning Collaboratives are county-based groups of jurisdictions that share consulting resources as they work together to address their housing priorities. Planning Collaboratives are staffed by consultants who work with ABAG to complement technical assistance offered at the state and regional levels and to deliver tailored trainings and products to each jurisdiction. ABAG is providing funding to support the following Collaboratives through 2023:


Technical Assistance Provider(s)

Alameda County Collaborative

15 Jurisdictions

Urban Planning Partners, Meredith Rupp

Contra Costa County Collaborative

20 Jurisdictions

MIG, Joan Chaplick

Marin County Collaborative

12 Jurisdictions

Jillian Zieger, Marin County Planner

Napa/Sonoma Collaborative

16 Jurisdictions

4 Leaf, Jane Riley

San Francisco (no Collaborative)

1 Jurisdiction

Due to the unique nature of SF being both a city and county, they are receiving a grant to support robust and equitable public engagement on their housing element.

San Mateo County Collaborative
(“21 Elements”)

21 Jurisdictions

Baird + Driskell, Josh Abrams

Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

16 Jurisdictions

Baird + Driskell, Paul Peninger

Solano County Collaborative (“SolHIP”)

8 Jurisdictions

STA/Placeworks, Robert Guerrero, Solano Transportation Authority
and Jennifer Gastelum, Placeworks

County Planning Collaboratives Contact:

Contact Bobby Lu, Associate Planner
Telephone: (415) 820 7925