Land Use

Land Use

Land Use

Land use describes where we live, work and play. In the Bay Area, issues of urban sprawl, transportation, housing, and pollution and environmental conservation all play a role in how local governments develop and preserve land.

ABAG, working in collaboration with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), provides a regional perspective. Many of our programs involve collaboration with ABAG members, community leaders, policy makers and planners.


Building upon Horizon, Plan Bay Area 2050 outlines how the Bay Area can meet its transportation needs through 2050 while preserving its diverse communities and adapting to future population growth.

Plan Bay Area

How will the Bay Area create an equitable and economically vibrant future for everyone?

PDA - Priority Development Areas

Where can we create housing near transit and jobs?

PCA - Priority Conservation Areas

How do we protect our natural environment and its beauty?

PPA - Priority Production Areas

How can we support job growth and job retention in key industrial lands?

Priority Sites

How can we make better use of places that are currently under-used?

Economic Development District

Our Bay Area has an enviably dynamic and diverse economy — but one that also creates challenges. How do we address these?

Plan Bay Area 2050

ABAG and MTC's long-range transportation and land use plan outlines how the Bay Area can adapt to future growth over the next three decades.

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance (TA) Portal has a variety of resources for local agency staff.