PPA - Priority Production Areas

PPA - Priority Production Areas

ABAG works with local governments to improve the quality of life for all residents and businesses. One core strategy is supporting key industrial clusters on industrial land so that they can thrive and grow while providing middle wage jobs close to more affordable housing. 

This strategy aims to retain industrial land in key locations to support networks of production, advanced manufacturing, distribution and repair services. These firms and their supply chains are critical to the regional economy and expand the number of middle wage jobs available, many of which do not require a four-year degree, thereby improving pathways to opportunity. 

These Priority Production Areas, or PPAs, leverage existing infrastructure to support the development of industrial and related business clusters. Launching for the first time in Plan Bay Area 2050, the program is in a pilot phase. A local city council or board of supervisors nominates a PPA, which is then adopted by the ABAG Executive Board.

PPAs must be:

  • Zoned for industrial use or have predominantly industrial uses
  • At least a half mile distant from a major rail commute hub (BART, CalTrain, Amtrak, SMART)
  • Do not overlap with a Priority Development Area
  • Located in jurisdictions with a certified housing element

Local jurisdictions have defined over 30 PPAs since 2019. These existing and planned business clusters represent key industrial clusters and supply chains well-served by the region’s transportation infrastructure and have been identified as appropriate for additional economic development investements.

PPAs are a part of the overall growth framework strategies and performance of Plan Bay Area 2050; ABAG and MTC’s long-range land use and transportation plan for our region. 

Visit the Plan Bay Area website for more details on PPAs, and Plan Bay Area 2050. 

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