Virtual Workshops: Investing in the Future of Bay Area Housing

Virtual Workshops: Investing in the Future of Bay Area Housing

In November 2024, Bay Area residents may vote on a regional bond measure to generate up to $20 billion to build more affordable homes and help keep existing homes affordable. A $20 billion dollar bond could create 72,000 new affordable homes — more than double what would be possible without a bond.

Currently, the Bay Area doesn’t have enough homes for the people who live here. As a result of the region’s housing shortage:

  • In 2022, 37,000 people were unhoused in the Bay Area. 
  • 1.4 million people—23% of Bay Area renters—spend over half their income on rent. 
  • High rents and home prices force people to live far from work, making congestion and pollution much worse, and putting a major strain on working families.
  • Too many Bay Area residents live in overcrowded and unsafe housing.
  • Vital employees and community members are leaving the area.

BAHFA, subject to prior approval of the Executive Board of the Association of Bay Area Governments, is considering placing the housing bond measure on the November 2024 ballot to address these critical housing challenges.

Virtual Workshops

Two virtual workshops were held in August 2023 for all members of the public to learn about the proposed housing measure, ask questions and provide feedback to BAHFA.

What’s Next

BAHFA’s governing boards are holding a series of public meetings on the proposed bond through spring 2024. These meetings include discussions on BAHFA’s spending plan for its share of proposed bond funding and will ultimately determine whether to place the housing measure on the 2024 ballot. The public is encouraged to participate and help inform all key decision points.

View the schedule of upcoming public meetings related to 2024 Bay Area housing bond. Each county and city receiving a direct allocation of funding will also hold separate public meetings for their local share of any voter-approved regional bond.