Housing Policy & Data Explorer

Housing Policy & Data Explorer

Housing Policy & Data Explorer

ABAG’s extensive research and data on housing planning, production, and policies for action help produce new homes, preserve affordability and protect residents against economic displacement.

Make informed decisions with our data tool.

Housing Policies: Find out which key policies neighboring jurisdictions and other similar cities are using.

Housing Permits: ABAG collects residential building permits issued from jurisdictions throughout the Bay Area.

Data Exploration: Get housing permit reports for each of the Bay Area’s nine counties and across the region.

Data Downloads: Download housing units permitted, housing element sites, and housing policies.

ABAG facilitates dialogue and information sharing to enable coordinated action with tools like this; explore and download data. 

Our Work: Housing

ABAG works with local governments, regional and state agencies, legislators, housing and business advocacy organizations and community leaders to promote policies on affordable housing solutions. Find out more.