ABAG POWER was formed in 1998 by ABAG and local governments to provide leadership in energy management and aggregated procurement.

ABAG POWER currently offers two voluntary programs for public agencies:

  • A natural gas aggregation program, which conducts pooled purchasing of fossil-based natural gas. The natural gas program is currently in its 25th year of operation and serves nearly 40 member agencies.
  • A renewable natural gas (RNG) aggregation program, which conducts pooled purchasing of RNG (i.e., biomethane) and related fuels to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, address the recycling of organic waste, and assist participants with the promotion and use of low carbon fuels. The RNG program was established in 2023 primarily to assist members in meeting jurisdictional procurement targets created by Senate Bill 1383.

Natural gas is a common fuel source used for water and space heating, cooking, electricity generation or as vehicle fuel.

ABAG POWER membership is limited to public agencies – cities, counties, towns and special districts. We provide the energy used in municipal facilities including zoos, community centers, hospitals, police and fire stations, and other cost-sensitive buildings. The program does not serve residential or commercial customers.

The program is governed by a Board of Directors and Executive Committee. View a list of the current representatives for the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.


  • Price stability: Our strategy allows for a consistent budget allocation for future energy needs. Knowing the price of energy for a full year, for any agency, is a valuable advantage.
  • Cost savings: We strive to provide gas procurement services for less than the equivalent services provided by the default provider (e.g. PG&E).

Member Benefits

  • Monitoring of regulatory and legislative proceedings.
  • Member ownership: Members own and operate the pool and have input into purchasing decisions, administrative costs and billing procedures.
  • In-house customer service, account management and rate analysis.
  • Innovative programs with high degrees of visibility and impact to our communities, including assistance with legislative compliance, electrification incentives and more.

We encourage active participation from member agencies. We invite you to send us an email to learn more about the program or opportunities to join the ABAG POWER Executive Committee.


Ryan Jacoby, Principal Program Manager
Phone: 415-820-7956
Email: rjacoby@bayareametro.gov

ABAG POWER Innovations

We bring agencies and ABAG members together to create new ideas for additional programs. ABAG strongly promoted “Community Choice Aggregation” which allows residents to join their city’s or county’s energy pool for more choice over local energy development savings.


The ABAG POWER Executive Committee meets every other month and the ABAG POWER Board of Directors meets annually.

Technical Assistance Portal

The Technical Assistance (TA) Portal has a variety of resources for local agency staff.