Outreach Resources & Translation Services

Outreach Resources & Translation Services

Request Translation or Interpretation Services

RHTA has funds available to help jurisdictions with document translation and interpretation at public meetings. These funds can be used to hire interpreters for virtual or in-person meetings, or to translate printed or web materials. This program runs through December 31, 2023.

Requests can be made to ABAG staff via this form.  

  • In-person or video interpretation for meetings or events should be requested as soon as you know of the need, and at least 72 hours ahead of the event. You will need to provide the interpreter(s) in advance with a slide deck, presentation outline, or other details of the presentation.
  • Request for document translation should be submitted at least one week in advance.

We will help coordinate with the translators or interpreters and will handle the invoicing. Your jurisdictions will be responsible for working with the translator/interpreter and prepping them with all the necessary detail. 

You can view best practices for engaging multilingual constituents in the Technical Assistance Portal and find information on support for local engagement on this webpage. For more information, contact Clair McDevitt.