BAHFA - Bay Area Housing Finance Authority

A Tempo bus in front of a large apartment building in Alameda County.

BAHFA - Bay Area Housing Finance Authority

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) is a first-of-its-kind regional authority created to address the Bay Area’s chronic housing challenges. Established by the state Legislature in 2019, BAHFA works together with ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to implement its mandate.

Please visit the MTC website for the most up to date details about BAHFA's programs and the BAHFA Business Plan.

Virtual Workshops: Investing in the Future of Bay Area Housing

Join us on August 16 or August 24 to learn about the Bay Area’s proposed regional bond measure to invest in the production and preservation of affordable housing.

The 3Ps Framework - Solutions to the Housing Crisis

BAHFA’s focus is rooted in the 3Ps framework. Specifically:

  • Protection for current residents to avoid displacement
  • Preservation of existing housing affordable to lower- and middle-income residents
  • Production of new housing at all income levels, especially affordable housing

The goal of this framework is to make sure housing is available for all Bay Area residents, no matter their income.

Collaborating Across Counties & Cities

Currently, the Bay Area’s nine counties and 101 cities and towns address most housing issues individually, and often with limited staff and financial resources.

BAHFA instead encourages coordination, regional thinking, and working together to tackle the housing crisis on a larger scale — because together, we can do more.


The BAHFA Board (which is comprised of the same members as the MTC Commission) and the ABAG Executive Board share governing responsibilities for BAHFA. In addition, a nine-member Advisory Committee provides consultation to BAHFA and the ABAG Executive Board to assist their decision-making.

Board Members

The BAHFA Board is comprised of the same membership as the MTC Commission.

BAHFA Oversight Committee

Learn more about the BAHFA Oversight Committee.

BAHFA Advisory Committee

As required by AB 1487, BAHFA’s nine-member Advisory Committee is comprised of members with expertise in affordable housing finance, production, preservation and/or tenant protections. See the list of Advisory Committee members on the MTC website.

Staff Contact

Kate Hartley, BAHFA Director
Phone: (415) 778-6679

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ABAG Housing Committee

The Housing Committee supplements ABAG’s housing planning work, strengthen its leadership role on Bay Area housing issues and advise the Executive Board on a variety of housing programs and policies, including those to reduce homelessness. The ABAG Housing Committee works closely with MTC and BAHFA as a part of the expanded regional housing portfolio.

Technical Assistance Portal

The Technical Assistance (TA) Portal has a variety of resources for local agency staff.