San Francisco Estuary Partnership

San Francisco Estuary Partnership

San Francisco Estuary Partnership

From the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge to the inland Delta and the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers upstream, the San Francisco Estuary is renowned nationally and internationally for its beauty and productivity.

For more than 20 years, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership has collaborated with local, state, and federal agencies, NGOs, academia and business leaders to protect and restore the Bay and Delta.

Our waters and wetlands are a biological resource of tremendous importance that provides critical habitat to over a million migratory birds, productive fish and shellfish nurseries, and a vast diversity of marine wildlife.

The Partnership is staffed by ABAG and MTC employees and decisions are made by an Implementation Committe and the ABAG Executive Board.

The Estuary Blueprint

The Estuary Blueprint provides a collective vision to achieve a thriving, resilient estuary. In late 2016 more than 70 organizations reached collaborative agreement on four long-term goals and 32 actions to be taken over the next five years to protect, restore, and sustain this national treasure.

Get the full Estuary Blueprint details when you visit the website. This landmark update addresses current concerns and future uncertainties — ranging from rising sea levels to drought, habitat loss, and failing fish and wildlife.

Estuary Conference

A biannual event, this two-day conference provides the latest information about the health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary and showcases current efforts to protect, restore and improve this important ecosystem.  The most recent Conference is highlighted in the video provided in the tabs below.


What We Do

Our services to ABAG members include research and analysis, education and outreach, and regional coordination.