Our Work


Our Work


ABAG works with its member governments to make the Bay Area a better place to live.

Land Use

ABAG provides regional land use planning that looks at the region's housing and transportation, equity and the environment.

Energy & Infrastructure

We administer various energy efficiency programs to assist residents, and manage a gas-purchasing pool to provide benefits and cost savings to ABAG members.


ABAG's Advancing California Financing Authority (ACFA) and the Financing Authority for Nonprofit Corporations (FAN) provide member governments and non-profit organizations access to low-cost financing for projects that serve the public good in Bay Area communities.


ABAG projects and programs help protect and enhance San Francisco Bay.

Equity Priority Communities

By identifying which Bay Area communities are or have historically been underserved, ABAG can direct funding toward projects that enable more equitable access to transportation, housing and services.

ABAG Budget and Work Program

The ABAG Budget and Work Program provides information about the agency's completed and planned activities as well the budget associated with that work.  The most recent document is Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Approved ABAG Budget and Work Program.  Prior year's Budget and Work Plans are available in the Digital Library.

Since ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) consolidated staff in 2017, additional information about ABAG staffing is now incorportated into the MTC Budget.

Technical Assistance Portal

The Technical Assistance (TA) Portal has a variety of resources for local agency staff.