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Priority Development Areas

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are places identified by Bay Area communities as areas for investment, new homes and job growth. Together with Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs), PDAs are the foundation for sustainable regional growth and Plan Bay Area. PDAs range from regional centers such as Downtown San Francisco to main streets such as El Camino Real to land identified for reuse such as the Concord Naval Weapons Station. To become a PDA, an area must be: 1) within an existing community; 2) within walking distance of frequent transit service; 3) designated for more housing in a locally adopted plan or identified by a local government for future planning and potential growth; and 4) nominated through a resolution adopted by a City Council or County Board of Supervisors.

The PDA Showcase provides information about each area, including maps, key facts, and local plans.

Through implementation partnerships, the regional agencies support communities in achieving their visions for PDAs. These include the PDA Planning Grant and Technical Assistance Program, Placemaking Initiative, One Bay Area Grant (OBAG), East Bay Corridors Initiative, Resilience Program, and Entitlement Efficiency working group.