The ABAG Resilience Program is a unique effort to continually improve the Bay Area’s capacity to plan for — and recover — from earthquakes, floods and fires.

Visit the Resilience Program website for more information about key projects and activities. 

Our program offers local government leaders and residents access to our robust technical analyses and best practices for disaster resilience. The program is actively:

  • Working to develop a regional land use pattern which reduces the risk of natural hazards
  • Providing a platform for local governments to develop a shared understanding of regional needs for an effective recovery
  • Disseminating scientific information about natural hazards and future climate risks in an understandable way that facilitates good policy and planning decisions
  • Providing data tools and research for local governments to develop mitigation and recovery plans

To get more information about these key projects and activities visit the Resilience Program website

What could happen to your house during an earthquake? Check out the online quiz to find out, then use your platform to share with others.


Use our hazard mitigation, climate adaption and safety resources, including 40+ hazard map layers, to determine your community’s vulnerability and to plan for the future.


A suite of how-to ordinance guides provides local governments with the policy tools to address dangerous soft-story buildings.