General Assembly

Voting members holding up signs during a General Assembly meeting.

General Assembly

ABAG’s General Assembly, which meets at least once a year as part of the GA Conference, determines policy and adopts the annual budget and work program.

In addition, the GA reviews policy recommendations from the ABAG Executive Board, establishes annual membership fees, and reviews the bylaws of the ABAG Association.  Learn more about what ABAG dues fund and the value of an ABAG membership by reviewing an email sent to 2023 GA delegates.

Review the roster of official GA representatives. 

Annual GA Conference

Every year a General Assembly and Business Meeting conference is held. Our annual conference explores vital issues that impact our region and any official delegate or alternate may propose a subject of consideration.

Business and civic leaders, elected officials, academic scholars, city planners and private citizens attend this popular conference as well.

For more information please email the ABAG Clerk of the Board:


Find past agendas, videos and presentations on the Meetings and Events page, follow link and search for General Assembly.

Who Votes in the GA?

The GA is composed of delegates (or alternates) from each ABAG member town, city and county. Each delegate has one vote. San Francisco is counted as both a city and county and has two delegates.