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ABAG Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee acts for the Executive Board in a month when the Board does not meet or in an emergency when a quorum of the Board cannot be convened. It also studies and submits reports and recommendations to the Executive Board on such matters as may be assigned by the Board.

The Administrative Committee is composed of voting officers of the Association and chairs of all standing committees, four members of the Executive Board, and one member and one alternate from the Regional Planning Committee.

Meetings: As needed.

Joint Meetings of Metropolitan Transportation Commission Planning (MTC) and ABAG's Administrative Committee

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) meet regularly to consider elements of Plan Bay Area. There are also special joint meetings of MTC and the ABAG Executive Board, advisory committee meetings, public outreach meetings and workshops, and other events designed to inform the public and policymakers and to ensure an open, transparent public process. Virtually all of these meetings are open to the public and provide opportunities for residents to voice their opinions and make formal public comments.

Meetings: Monthly unless otherwise noted.
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