Who We Are, What We Do

Who We Are

In 1961, the Bay Area's local governments came together to form ABAG as a response to state legislation that would have supplanted local control over all bridges, ports, and transit operations in the Bay Area.

ABAG's mission ever since has been to strengthen cooperation and collaboration among local governments to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to common problems that they face.

The ABAG Planning and Research Department works with local governments and stakeholders to develop and implement innovative solutions for issues involving land use planning, housing, transportation, environmental climate change, earthquakes and disaster resilience, and economic equity.

A variety of cost-effective member service programs—ABAG Pooled Liability Assurance Network (PLAN) Corporation, ABAG Financial Services and ABAG POWER Natural Gas Pool—address the comprehensive needs of local governments such as financing, risk management, natural gas, and employee training.

ABAG and MTC Staff Consolidation

After more than two years of work and deliberations, ABAG staff was consolidated with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on July 1, 2017. The Approved ABAG 2017–18 Budget and Work Program lays out the work that will be performed by the consolidated staff. The Budget and Work Program is available at http://www.abag.ca.gov/abag/overview/workplan/.

To meet this goal, ABAG outreach activities such as the ABAG website, the monthly e-newsletter, and meetings will continue. If you need to reach staff, phone numbers and emails will remain the same for some time. The staff directory (http://abag.ca.gov/overview/people_alpha.html) will also be updated to reflect any changes.

For more information go to http://abag.ca.gov/media/2015_merger/ or call 415-820-7900.

What We Do

ABAG provides planning and research resources related to land use, housing, environmental and water resource protection, disaster resilience, energy efficiency and hazardous waste mitigation, risk management, financial services and staff training to local cities, and towns. ABAG's planning and research programs are committed to addressing sustainability, resilience and equity in the region.

ABAG builds collaborative partnerships with local governments, Bay Area leaders and citizens throughout the region to establish shared goals and create a broader framework to examine economic, social and environmental challenges for the region and future generations. Collaborative participation envisioned in these partnerships represents a comprehensive strategy to guide how we want to grow, adapt to change, preserve member communities' unique qualities, and create more vibrant and successful initiatives that maximize ABAG's regional planning objectives and resources.

ABAG PLAN offers affordable general liability, property insurance, claims management, risk management, and bond coverage to 30 municipalities. ABAG Financial Services issues tax-exempt capital financing on behalf of local jurisdictions in California for acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of affordable multifamily housing, health care facilities, schools, and other community facilities. The ABAG POWER Natural Gas Pool conducts pooled purchasing of natural gas on behalf of 38 local governments and special districts and allows participants to work collectively to save resources

Additional Planning Projects

Other beneficial ABAG Planning and Research Department projects include job and population research, data analysis, earthquake preparedness research, and on-line and on-site classes. ABAG oversees the San Francisco Estuary Project, the Bay Trail Project, and the Water Trail. ABAG also operates as the state-designated clearinghouse for federal grant applications.

ABAG provides cost-effective member services to local governments struggling with rising costs and diminishing income. Depending on the issue, we coordinate closely with MTC, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and other agencies. Our local service programs include ABAG PLAN (Risk Management and Insurance Services), ABAG Financial Services, ABAG Online Hazardous Materials Training Program, and ABAG POWER. These programs represent another dimension of the variety of services, specialized training, and planning resources, and publications available to member agencies.

ABAG also sponsors workshops and conferences where local officials and staff, business and industry leaders, special interest groups, and private citizens explore and discuss programs and issues of regional significance.

Budget and Work Program

For more information about ABAG's Work Program and Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, please visit http://abag.ca.gov/abag/overview/workplan/ABAG_BudgetWorkProgram17-18.pdf

ABAG Publications

ABAG publications are available for purchase online and are distributed to area-wide depository libraries.