Santa Rosa Downtown Station Area Specific Plan

The Santa Rosa Downtown Station Area Specific Plan (DSASP) is an example of a Priority Development Area (PDA) plan.

DSASP seeks to guide the intensification of an energetic commercial enterprise and innovative cultural center with a strong sense of place, enhanced connectivity and increased residential and social options. The Specific Plan envisions a vibrant urban core centered around Courthouse Square and a network of pedestrian-friendly mixed-use village centers, each with its own character. To make this vision a reality, the DSASP offers strategies designed to remove barriers to development, meet the community’s housing and job needs, foster vibrant civic spaces and enhance local quality of life.

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) Program

By bringing transit, jobs and housing together in downtowns, along main streets and around rail stations, PDAs help the Bay Area reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin to solve the region’s housing crisis.