Technical Assistance

The "Programs To Rezone" technical memo describes how to use a program to rezone if you have a shortfall of sites in your inventory in your Housing Element.

To help facilitate the creation of new housing that meets the needs of lower income households and people experiencing homelessness, the State of California has passed several laws that create

Many cities and counties understand that existing parking practices in their jurisdictions do not support their land use, transportation, health and safety, and environmental goals. However, they face

Most zoning codes and development practices have ample parking supply requirements, which force people who purchase or rent housing to pay for parking regardless of their needs. These parking

The Housing Accountability Act (HAA) was enacted by the California Legislature in 1982 to establish limitations to a local government’s ability to deny, reduce the density of, or make infeasible

Group housing, or co-living, can help respond to the need for lower rents and more housing choices in the Bay Area. The co-living concept centers around renting bedrooms in a multi-bedroom building

Form-based codes are land development regulations that aim to support predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form as the organizing principle for the code. The

In 2017, as part of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Priority Development Area (PDA), the City of El Cerrito conducted an analysis of its affordable housing needs and developed an affordable housing

Form-based codes are land development regulations that support the creation of people-centered urban design and public spaces by prioritizing the regulation of physical form over uses. The Form-Based

Widening the range of housing types can increase the housing supply and help more low-income Californians thrive. Two examples of housing types that can be integrated in existing neighborhoods are