Quick-Build: Projects for Small Towns, Rural & Suburban Contexts

Orange cones, a pedestrian crosswalk sign and a "Road Closed to Thru Traffic" sign block traffic from entering the roadway on a Slow Street.

Over the past decade, the quick-build method has been used by small towns, suburbs and rural areas to accelerate infrastructure improvements at an increasingly large scale.

This webinar covers the how-to for quick-build projects that have been implemented in small town, suburban and rural contexts in California and beyond. 

Learn how projects have been implemented in collaboration with state agencies, and how the project types and applications change based on the surrounding land use context. 

Quick-builds are reversible and adjustable. They can be built in phases within days or weeks and through incremental and low cost installations. And they can be undone after a pilot or testing.

Emerging Street Types

See examples of what cities can do to make their streets more flexible and accessible.