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“Quick-build” projects allow cities and counties to quickly create safe lanes of traffic for people who are traveling by bike, by foot, by wheelchair, scooter or similar non-vehicle mode. Giving people safe, active transportation options helps to cut down on vehicle pollution.

Unlike long-term capital improvement projects, quick-build implementation timelines are shorter and may include demonstration projects (days to months), pilot projects (months-years) and interim design (1-2 years).  

Design testing, flexibility and prototyping are built into the quick-build process so that the improvements are iterative in nature, adjustable and can accommodate community needs.

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Staff Contacts

Nicola Szibbo, MTC Program Manager

Phone: (415) 778-6720

Email: nszibbo@bayareametro.gov 

Toshi Shepard-Ohta, MTC Principal Engineer

Phone: (415) 778-5280

Email: tshepard-ohta@bayareametro.gov

Tricks and Tools for Implementing Complete Streets Forum

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