MTC Regional Safety/Vision Zero Policy

Drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and scoooter users share a roadway intersection.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Regional Safety/Vision Zero Policy establishes a strategy for working with partner agencies to support equitable and data-driven action towards eliminating traffic deaths and serious vehicular injuries in the Bay Area by 2030.

Download the MTC Regional Safety/Vision Zero Policy (MTC Resolution No. 4400).

MTC is required to adopt safety performance measures and targets, and to provide resources to cities and counties to support regional safety goals. The Regional Safety Policy establishes a framework of principles and actions to guide MTC staff in working towards the policy goals:

  1. Provide regional leadership to promote safety; engaging and incentivizing leadership across jurisdictions; working toward aligning funding policy with safety goals.
  2. Apply a data driven approach to inform safety policy and strategic use of available funds and resources. Regional safety data will be housed at MTC so local jurisdictions can benefit from consistent and reliable data.
  3. Promote equity in regional safety policies by considering and analyzing impacts on communities of concern and protecting vulnerable roadway users, such as pedestrians and bicyclists.
  4. Support beneficial safety policies and legislation targeting evidence-based solutions to safety problems.
  5. Engage key regional stakeholders in safety policy development, implementation and collaboration on safety best practices. Provide education and technical assistance within budgetary constraints.

Operational Strategies for Accelerating Complete Streets

Approaches for increasing safety and convenience for roadway users.