SB 9

Technical Assistance

This is an integrated catalog of Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) standards which are intended to be customized for local jurisdiction use. For ease of understanding, the standards are presented as a

SB 9 is intended to encourage the increased development of starter, moderately priced homes. Since many jurisdictions are currently preparing their sixth cycle housing elements, they have asked for

This model checklist is intended to assist local planning staff in their review of SB 9 applications for both two-unit developments and urban lot splits. This document includes a section for general

SB 9 imposes certain restrictions on the use of the parcels and/or units that are developed pursuant to its provisions. The restrictions differ slightly for two-unit developments and urban lot splits

This memo highlights the California Coastal Commission's views on the implementation of new SB 9 housing laws in areas vulnerable to sea level rise.

These templates and graphics can help with presentations. The templates can be downloaded and customized as needed. Disclaimer: These documents are intended to provide general information and do not

This webinar, part of the Regional Housing Technical Assistance Training series, presented information on the content of Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) and the potential impacts of the legislation. The session