SB 9 Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS)

Illustration of a residential community.

This is an integrated catalog of Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) standards which are intended to be customized for local jurisdiction use. For ease of understanding, the standards are presented as a comprehensive model ordinance. However, it is anticipated that jurisdictions will use and adjust parts of these standards, rather than adopt the “model ordinance” wholesale.

These Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS) were developed not to supplant existing zoning, but to be modified and adopted as an overlay zone. Local jurisdictions can apply these overlay zones when the minimum SB 9 two-unit development and/or two-unit subdivision is proposed and cannot be achieved under a jurisdiction’s existing residential zoning. Alternatively, the jurisdiction may choose to use these ODDS as a reference from which to select and extract standards to incorporate into an SB 9 implementation ordinance being developed locally.

The ODDS toolkit can be found in this link. It contains two editable versions of the SB 9 Toolkit of Objective Design and Development Standards: one in high resolution and one in low resolution. There are editable electronic files in the Working Files folder that comprise the toolkit (InDesign files and the supporting Illustrator and Photoshop files).  Due to the highly technical nature of these files, this information will be best used by staff that can work with the three software programs or a third party professional who has that capability. 

Disclaimer:  SB 9 is relatively new, and interpretation is evolving. Please have legal counsel review any final ordinance before it is adopted. These standards do not constitute and should not be construed in any way as legal advice. Additional facts, facts specific to a particular situation, or future developments may affect the subjects discussed in these documents. Seek the advice of the city/county attorney before acting or relying upon the following information.