"Reconsidering Parking Development Requirements" Webinar

Bay Area towns and cities are increasingly looking to parking policy changes, such as reducing minimum requirements, adding maximums, allowing shared parking provisions, or reducing or eliminating requirements in certain areas, such as near transit stations. These efforts are aimed at meeting housing affordability, Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and emissions goals. While research and writing about the policy value of reducing parking oversupply are long-established, there has been an increasing number of successful approval and implementation stories around the nation in recent years, establishing more lessons learned.

This webinar is part of the Local Parking Policy Technical Assistance webinar series. It highlights direct experience and advice from recent implementers in this area, providing their freshly-gained perspectives on tailoring, approving and implementing such policies. The webinar is intended for Bay Area public staff, policymakers and other practitioners who are working on or are considering updates to parking development requirements and standards in their local jurisdictions.

Panelists include:

  • Greg Sandlund, Planning Director, City of Sacramento
  • Tony Johnson, Senior City Planner, City of Saint Paul, MN
  • Justin Horner, Associate Planner, City of Berkeley