Parking Policy Playbook

A person pays for parking at a parking meter in San Francisco.

Parking and the policies that guide parking development and management are potent tools for supporting housing affordability, climate and community design goals.

Parking policy changes can be difficult to discuss, engage, and act on. Parking provision and management can seem both esoteric and challenging to policymakers and the public because of the longstanding assumption of planning towns and cities around driving and vehicle ownership.

The Parking Policy Playbook is a toolkit of resources to help local jurisdiction staff develop and implement parking policies and programs that make the most sense for their community, and address some of the challenges of policy change.

The playbook provides easy-to-use, action-oriented information such as:

  • Policy descriptions
  • Policy purposes and benefits
  • Implementation actions
  • Case studies
  • Sample policy language

Guidance is for both off-street and on-street parking policies, and thus is relevant to planners, managers and staff across all departments involved in parking development and management.

In addition to the complete playbook, appendices are provided in separate file formats for easier use as sample language, templates and data review.

Local Parking Policy Technical Assistance Webinars

This webinar series offers parking best practices, real-world examples and inspiration for making parking policy change in your community.