"Pricing Parking to Achieve Local Goals" Webinar

Cities transitioning from free to paid parking, or adding demand responsive pricing programs face a number of challenges. Introducing these types of paid parking programs involves improving transparency, data infrastructure, communications approaches, physical infrastructure and organizational structures.

This webinar is part of the Local Parking Policy Technical Assistance webinar series. It includes implementers of "flat" pricing programs and demand responsive pricing programs to share their experiences on:

  • When and where to consider paid and demand-responsive parking, and how to know which type of program is right for your city
  • Data and analysis approaches from program development to measuring and sharing outcomes
  • Communications strategies for different program types
  • System and implementation costs
  • How programs fit with equity and sustainability goals

This session is uniquely focused on sharing implementation-oriented lessons learned from speakers who have gained firsthand experience creating and operating pricing programs.


  • Sue Ellen Atkinson (Principal Transportation Planner, City of San Mateo): Sue-Ellen is a transportation planner with more than 15 years of experience in the Bay Area. Her experience includes parking policy and management, transportation demand management (TDM), bicycle and pedestrian policy and planning, and Safe Routes to School.
  • Christian Hammack (Parking and Transportation Demand Manager, City of Redwood City): Christian has been a civil engineer with Redwood City for 13 years, with a focus on transportation and parking. He has been the city’s Parking and Transportation Demand Manager since 2016.
  • Jay Primus (Consultant, Primus Consulting): For seven years, Jay managed parking in San Francisco, including the groundbreaking SFpark program that used better pricing, information and big data to manage demand, improve operations, manage contracts, reduce costs and deliver social benefits. Since 2014, Jay has worked with cities as a consultant to improve parking and curb management.