El Cerrito Affordable Housing Strategy

In 2017, as part of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Priority Development Area (PDA), the City of El Cerrito conducted an analysis of its affordable housing needs and developed an affordable housing strategy for the city.

The strategy offers concrete implementation steps to achieve the following goals:

  • Conserve and improve El Cerrito’s existing housing
  • Facilitate and encourage the development of new housing
  • Expand housing opportunities for seniors, people with disabilities, households with very low to moderate income, and for persons with special housing needs

This set of documents includes the Affordable Housing Strategy presented to the El Cerrito City Council, the Agenda Bill considering adoption of an Affordable Housing Strategy, the resolution of the City Council adopting the Affordable Housing Strategy and the revised Affordable Housing Strategy for the city. Together, these documents trace the progress of a city’s consideration, adoption and planning for affordable housing.