"VMT Policies & Housing Element Site Feasibility" Webinar

Construction of a multi-family housing complex.

As part of Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743), local jurisdictions were tasked with transitioning from Level of Service (LOS) to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) policies by July 2020. These vehicle reduction policies impact housing site feasibility.

This December 2020 Planning Innovations webinar addressed the questions: “What does the Housing Element have to do with my VMT reduction policies? What does VMT reduction have to do with my Housing Element?”

Learn from peers and experts on:

  • How to strategically leverage state requirements for housing and VMT transportation analysis under CEQA (SB 743) to help meet their city’s RHNA allocation, Housing Element updates, and other climate and community goals
  • Why a VMT policy should be adopted before the Housing Element update 
  • What can be done to exempt 100% affordable housing from CEQA review 

Topics also include:

  • Connecting VMT and related mitigations to the Housing Element’s Programmatic EIR 
  • Planning for transit and active transportation ready neighborhoods

Planning Innovations

Planning Innovations is a series of regional forums that focus on the planning and implementation of Bay Area’s Priority Development Areas (PDAs) and Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs).