Technical Assistance

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) hosted this training webinar to introduce planners to its housing data packets and provide tips on accessing and using census data to better understand

ABAG, in partnership with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), hosted this forum to discuss state data requirements, solicit input on regional data tools and train

As part of Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743), local jurisdictions were tasked with transitioning from Level of Service (LOS) to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) policies by July 2020. These vehicle reduction

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)’s Technology Transfer Program webinars offer local traffic engineers, planners, students and others free, half-day online seminars on a variety of

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are places near public transit that are planned for new homes, jobs and community amenities. Since they are located in places with existing transit infrastructure

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Density Planning Innovations forum explores a topic foundational to the Priority Development Area (PDA) program: best practices and evidence from recent research

State housing legislation, combined with lawsuits focusing on local development review, increase the importance of translating city goals and guidelines for Priority Development Areas (PDAs) into

As cities embark on Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) adoption statewide, learn about different approaches some early-adopter jurisdictions have taken to support successful implementation of Senate Bill No

Supportive housing is permanent housing that is paired with comprehensive services and case management. Supportive housing models can support the needs of people who struggle with housing stability

The Housing Accountability Act and Senate Bill No. 35 (SB 35) have added significant new requirements to already busy planning departments, but have not yet provided guidance on how to comply. This