Mapping Resilience

Created by the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

Climate change, as a threat multiplier, exacerbates existing inequalities in health, housing, land use, transportation and economic opportunities. 

Although there is mounting evidence of the unequal effects of the climate crisis, there are relatively few robust, well-disseminated frameworks to account for, measure and display the multiple and interacting factors contributing to differences in climate vulnerability across populations and places. 

Download Mapping Resilience: A Blueprint for Thriving in the Face of Climate Disasters.

This report published by the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) in 2019 provides a review of existing frameworks related to community vulnerability to climate impacts and identifies strengths and gaps in the field.

It includes:

  • Community impacts from climate change, including extreme heat, wildfire, drought and flood
  • Review of existing climate vulnerability frameworks, regionally and statewide
  • Data gaps and knowledge limitations
  • Lessons learned
  • Policy applications