Housing Accountability Act Technical Assistance Advisory Memo

The Housing Accountability Act (HAA) was enacted by the California Legislature in 1982 to establish limitations to a local government’s ability to deny, reduce the density of, or make infeasible housing development projects, emergency shelters or farmworker housing that are consistent with objective local development standards and contribute to meeting housing needs.

The legislature has since amended the HAA and made findings that the lack of housing and affordable housing is a critical issue that threatens the economic, environmental and social quality of life in California.

Download the Housing Accountability Act Technical Assistance Advisory Memo.

This Technical Assistance Advisory Memo from September 2020 provides guidance on implementation of the HAA and includes the following relevant sections: 

  • What is the Housing Accountability Act?
  • Why do we need the Housing Accountability Act? 
  • Housing Accountability Act Decision Matrix
  • Key Provisions of the Housing Accountability Act
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Definitions