Housing Element Compliance: Incentives & Consequences

The State of California has established a number of requirements that must be addressed by each jurisdiction in the Housing Element of its General Plan. To be an effective tool, housing elements must be updated on a regular basis, and are then reviewed by the state to ensure compliance with state law.

Download the Incentives and Consequences handout.

This two-page handout was developed to help local jurisdictions understand both the incentives that have been created by the state to encourage compliance with state housing laws, as well as the consequences of not being in compliance.

The first page lists funding and technical assistance programs that the state has established to assist jurisdictions in this work and incentivize compliance. Links to each of the programs are provided.

The second page provides an overview of the consequences for local jurisdictions if they do not comply with state housing law, including newer consequences resulting from recent legislation. Here too links are provided for more information.