El Cerrito Development Feasibility Analysis

In 2011, El Cerrito commissioned the El Cerrito Development Feasibility Analysis for the City of El Cerrito as it considered implementation of the Draft San Pablo Corridor Specific Plan. The feasibility analysis evaluated the viability of development in the San Pablo Corridor in the near-term and analyzed city development standards to determine those standards which drive development feasibility (e.g. parking, height, mixed-use standards, etc.)

Download the El Cerrito Development Feasibility Analysis.

The analysis included the following tasks:

  • Market study analyzing current lease trends, vacancy rates, land prices and sales prices in the Corridor and surrounding marketing area
  • Review of prevailing development inputs, including construction costs, financing, operating costs and capitalization rates
  • Planning analysis to estimate development programs based on set-back, open space, parking, height and other building requirements
  • Feasibility study analyzing the development potential at various sites along the corridor

This memo identifies catalyst sites for development and builds on the findings from the feasibility study. A description of the methodology and assumptions used in the feasibility study is included as an appendix to this report.

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) Program

By bringing transit, jobs and housing together in downtowns, along main streets and around rail stations, PDAs help the Bay Area reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin to solve the region’s housing crisis.