"Complete Streets to Green Streets" Forum

A sign indicating the presence of the water shed and natural filtering for stormwater runoff water in San Francisco.

Urban greening has the potential to address many challenges in the built environment, from stormwater runoff and flood prevention to reducing greenhouse gases and increasing mental health benefits. As an agent of urban greening, green streets planning incorporates complete streets features with green infrastructure for stormwater management.

As local staff prepare specific plans in and around Priority Development Areas, the Complete Streets to Green Streets Planning Innovations forum elevates sustainable redevelopment practices.

This forum provides an in-depth overview of the policy and planning alignment, funding resources, and online tools to support green infrastructure implementation. This forum built on resources from the EPA Urban Greening Bay Area Initiative, such as the April 2018 release of the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association’s (BASMAAs) Roadmap of Funding Solutions for Sustainable Streets, and shared best practices for aligning specific plans with urban greening master plans.

Priority Development Areas Program

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are places near public transit that are planned for new homes, jobs and community amenities.