Clean Building Compass

Windmills in Altamont.

The Clean Building Compass is a one-stop online clearinghouse of vetted information to assist local government planners and staff in developing and adopting the practices required to accelerate the transition to carbon-free buildings. These resources are designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

Visit the Clean Building Compass website.

The Clean Building Compass website allows users to search for information by: role (e.g. planner, administrator, inspector), by desired result (e.g. resilience, safety, equity) and by construction phase (e.g. existing building, new construction, renovation).

Blog posts on various topics include:

  • Studies and reports
  • Consumer education
  • Public outreach
  • Research
  • Toolkits
  • Policy
  • Guides and standards
  • Supporting documents and more

The Clean Building Compass is a partnership of:

Municipal ZNE/ZNC Technical Assistance Program

Program to help municipalities retrofit or construct buildings to meet zero net energy (ZNE) or zero net carbon (ZNC) goals by providing engineering analysis and recommendations for projects.