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New Technical Assistance Portal Offers Wealth of Resources for Local Governments

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The Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission today launched a new Technical Assistance portal at abag.ca.gov/technical-assistance. The website is a one-stop shop

Technical Assistance Programs Offer Resources for Local Jurisdictions

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ABAG established a one-stop shop on its website to provide local governments an easy way to access the various Technical Assistance programs that ABAG and its partners offer. This new page brings


"Land Use Planning in the WUI" Presentation
Slides_Session4_Land_Use_Planning_in_the_WUI.pdf (17.71 MB)
"Pricing Parking to Achieve Local Goals" Presentation
MTC-ABAG_Local_Parking_Policy_Techical_Assistance_Webinar_2_Pricing_Parking_to_Achieve_Local_Goals.pdf (6.29 MB)
By-Right Supportive Housing Fact Sheet
Assembly_Bill_2162-2018-Fact-Sheet.pdf (145.91 KB)
By-Right Supportive Housing Model Ordinance
Supportive_Housing_Model_Ordinance_June-28-2021.docx (28.59 KB)
Supportive Housing Updates Checklist
Supportive_Housing_June-28-2021.pdf (129.97 KB)