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Bay Area Towns, Cities and Counties Get Assist From New TA Portal

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Think of it as a one-stop shop for Bay Area city and county agencies to access resources they need to address housing, environment, land use, resilience and transportation.

New Technical Assistance Portal Offers Wealth of Resources for Local Governments

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The Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission today launched a new Technical Assistance portal at abag.ca.gov/technical-assistance. The website is a one-stop shop

Technical Assistance Programs Offer Resources for Local Jurisdictions

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ABAG established a one-stop shop on its website to provide local governments an easy way to access the various Technical Assistance programs that ABAG and its partners offer. This new page brings


VMT Policy Adoption Technical Assistance Program - Frequently Asked Questions
MTC_Vehicle_Miles_Traveled_Technical_Assistance_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf (204.15 KB)
Resource_Guide_07_Wildfire_Housing_Policies.pdf (1.04 MB)