Technical Assistance Programs Offer Resources for Local Jurisdictions

A map from the StreetSaver® tool

ABAG established a one-stop shop on its website to provide local governments an easy way to access the various Technical Assistance programs that ABAG and its partners offer.

This new page brings together some 18 programs offered by ABAG, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area Regional Collaborative, and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. The programs are organized across several categories: data, energy programs, land use, resiliency, transportation and workshops. The two types of Technical Assistance offered are Direct Assistance programs, which provide a focused intervention that provides specific services to a local government, and Capacity Building programs, which enhance a local government's technical expertise and strengthens institutional knowledge.

By compiling programs such as the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) and the Housing Technical Assistance Program into a single location, local governments can more quickly and easily access resources they need, as well as learn about other programs that may be useful to them. This page will be updated as new programs become available.