Mobility Hubs Pilot Projects

Burlingame Square transit hub.

In September 2021, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission awarded six mobility hub pilot projects throughout the Bay Area, totaling $2.4 million. These projects represent a variety of mobility hub types and anchor services, including local bus, regional rail, ferry, bike share and car share, quick-build and permanent construction, and are located in Priority Development Areas, Equity Priority Communities and High-Resource Areas.

Burlingame Square Transit Hub

The Burlingame Square transit hub is adjacent to the Caltrain Burlingame Station and the Burlingame Avenue downtown and commercial area. This project aims to enhance existing infrastructure by adding features to create a comfortable, convenient and accessible center for users of all types of transportation.

At this easy-to-access central location, hub users will find convenient seating areas, bicycle racks, lighting improvements and wayfinding signs for pedestrians that make it easy to connect to nearby services, amenities and transit.

MacArthur BART Station Mobility Hub

This project will design and construct a suite of mobility hub amenities at MacArthur BART station, including:

  • Improved signage, including directional wayfinding, digital real-time information displays for transit departures, transit maps, wayfinding street kiosks and a digital regional map
  • App-based wayfinding using the GoodMaps app for navigation, in coordination with Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Solar-powered charging station for shared scooter services, in coordination with the University of California, Davis

Millbrae Transit Center Mobility Hub

This pilot transforms a parking lot into a mobility hub that is easily accessed by Caltrain, BART and downtown Millbrae.

New wayfinding signage directs travelers to the hub, station access points on the east side of the Transit Center and the city's downtown. The hub will provide users of the Millbrae Transit Center with bike share facilities, electric bikes and bike racks to encourage biking on the class 3 bike facility on El Camino Real. Other components of the project include electric vehicle charging stations for station users.

Mountain View Transit Center Mobility Hub

This project will improve the bike storage room and adjacent area at the Transit Center:

  • Upgrading the existing bike storage room with new racks and utility upgrades
  • Micro-mobility park-and-charge ports for bikes and scooters
  • Bicycle fix-it stations
  • Mobility information kiosks
  • Reconfiguration of the western portion of the Caltrain lot to provide new loading areas for TNCs and car-sharing services
  • Wayfinding signage that integrates with the new walk and bike flows resulting from the grade separation project

San Ramon Transit Center Mobility Hub

This project will provide real-time transit information at all six bus bays, as well as bike fix-it stations. The city is currently adding e-lockers, a bike share pod, and is making access improvements for pedestrians to and from the San Ramon Transit Center and the rest of the Bishop Ranch Master Plan.

Vallejo Ferry Terminal Mobility Hub

This project will support and increase ferry ridership by addressing gaps in ferry rider support services and amenities, and will expand micro-mobility and bus access to and from the ferry terminal.