Soft Story Retrofit Model Ordinance Now Available

ABAG, in partnership with David Bonowitz, SE, has created the Resilience Policy Guidance Document: Soft Story Model Ordinance and Handbook to help jurisdictions develop local soft story retrofit programs.

The ordinance stemmed from ABAG's 2016 Resilience Policy Guidance Document: Soft Story Retrofit Program Development report. Throughout 2016, ABAG and David worked with cities in the East Bay Corridors Initiative to identify policy priorities, culminating in a day-long workshop in October. The result was a responsive, adaptable model ordinance that incorporates local and statewide best practices for soft story retrofit policy. The ordinance provides guidance and language for cities to adapt the policy to meet local needs. If your city has been considering developing a soft story retrofit policy, you may wish to utilize our model ordinance to help you develop a localized policy quicker and with less effort. For more information on the soft story retrofit effort at ABAG, contact, 415-820-7945.