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A Glimpse into the Work of BayREN that Greens the Bay Area

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Led by the Association of Bay Area Governments, BayREN (Bay Area Regional Energy Network) is a regional collaboration of the Bay Area's nine counties and supports a greener Bay Area while tackling

Help Document Rising Tides This Weekend

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The Bay Area will get a preview of California’s future this weekend as “king tides” roll in. The gravitational tug of the moon and sun, not climate change, is responsible for the extreme tides. But

New Research Addresses Equity and Climate Resilience

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Climate change. Sea-level rise. Resilience. The terms are ubiquitous in the public realm, planning circles and among policymakers around the Bay Area. The topics are among the most vexing of our time

Guide shows ways to lessen damage in a major temblor

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An online tool is now available to help residents identify potential earthquake-related damage to their homes and provides information on how to gird against the next big temblor. The Earthquake Home

New Wildfire Resources Available

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New Wildfire White Paper developed by the ABAG and MTC Resilience Program explores the strategies communities currently use to mitigate wildfire risk. Available at http://resilience.abag.ca.gov/wp

Video Highlights from ABAG Spring General Assembly

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Nearly 150 attendees from local governments throughout the nine county San Francisco Bay Area attended the ABAG Spring 2018 General Assembly and Business Meeting on May 31, 2018. The General Assembly

New Resources Available to Assist In Building Bay Area Community and Business Resilience

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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and its many partners, including the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), unveiled a new scenario and

SAVE THE DATE for Building a Resilient Region, ABAG General Assembly and Business Meeting

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This conference provides an opportunity to discuss how to build greater resilience as a region to better meet expected challenges, including hazards and climate events. This meeting includes the

New Research on Seismic Risk Available

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Staff from ABAG/MTC and the U.S. Geological Survey presented new research on the Bay Area's seismic riskat the Regional Planning Committee meeting. Planners detailed residential building damage

Resources for Bay Area Cities and Counties in response to the October 2017 North Bay Fires

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The agencies have put together links to information that elected officials and staff may find helpful in the aftermath of the North Bay Fires, including tools for recovery and rebuilding, funding


Defensible Space & Home Hardening with CAL FIRE Updates Presentation
Slides_Session02_WildfireHousing.pdf (16.75 MB)
Resilient Housing Instruction Guide
0_ResilientHousingInstructionGuide.docx (96.6 KB)
Updates to Safety Element Requirements
1c_OnePager_SafetyElementNewRequirements.docx (17.99 KB)
Resilient Housing Policies
4a_ResilientHousingPoliciesSpreadsheet.xlsx (108.91 KB)
Resilience Residential Parcel Exposure Data Tables
2_ExposureDataTables.xlsx (244.75 KB)