Regional Planning Committee's New Subcommittees Tackle Issues

Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Housing

The ABAG Regional Planning Committee (RPC) has formed three subcommittees to examine issues of importance to the region: Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Housing.


The Infrastructure Subcommittee met in July to discuss related water and resilience activities. A meeting on Wednesday, September 14th, 9:30 - 11:30 will continue the July meeting's discussion on local and regional collaboration between water districts, cities and counties. In addition, presentations on potential water system disruptions following a scenario earthquake, impressions from the September 8th Yellow Command Exercise and discussion on how a Subcommittee for a Lifelines Council can foster useful coordination will be on the September 14th meeting agenda. For more information, contact Michael Germeraad,

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee has been combined with additional subregional representatives to form an Economic Development Strategy Committee for developing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Report (CEDS). The CEDS is a necessary part of the Regional effort to create an Economic Development District for the San Francisco Bay Area. The Strategy Committee broadly represents the main economic interests of the region including business organizations, workforce interests, educational institutions, and equity representatives. The September 13th meeting from 1 - 2:30 pm will include a review of strategies to support a more resilient, prosperous and equitable economy. For more information, contact Johnny Jaramillo,


Housing Subcommittee met briefly in May and identified preliminary objectives as providing guidance to staff and recommendations to RPC on housing issues in following areas: housing as expressed in Plan Bay Area, the concept and potential implementation of a Regional Housing Trust fund, and exploring the Safe, Smart Integrated Housing Retrofit program (SSIHR) for the Bay Area. The September 14th meeting from 3:00 - 5:00 will review current housing tasks, recent housing data, and discussion of priorities for 2016-2017. For more information, contact Gillian Adams at

With these three subcommittees, the RPC can focus on these important topics. Agendas and minutes for meetings will be posted at