Form-Based Codes

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The Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP) describes the vision for the future of Downtown, regulates private development, and recommends potential future city projects. The DTPP puts form-based

Form-based codes are land development regulations that aim to support predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form as the organizing principle for the code. The

“Missing middle housing” refers to small-scale multifamily housing that can range from duplexes to townhouses to smaller apartment buildings that are compatible with walkable neighborhoods. Missing

Form-based codes are land development regulations that support the creation of people-centered urban design and public spaces by prioritizing the regulation of physical form over uses. The Form-Based

In contrast to conventional zoning, which focuses on regulating land uses, form-based codes are used to prioritize the desired physical form of a community. Form-based codes are often used by local